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Reply from Ewen

Good Morning Dolphin Class


I was very excited to receive a reply from Ewen to our letter that we sent before Easter.  It has taken a while to get here as I think the post offices both here and in France are short staffed.


He writes:-


Hello everyone,

Thank you for your letter, I am very happy to reply to your questions on France. Me too, I live in a small village where there are about 1600 inhabitants. It is in Brittany and is called Plestan. It is about 20km from the sea. To reply to your first quesion, yes I have already been to Paris and I have visited the Eiffel Tower. I went up to the second level. 

My favourite subject is maths. The meal that I like at the canteen is soup, veal mignonin with chips, cheese and fruit. My pet is a cat and he is called Popey.

I love football. We say 'chocolat' in French, it is a lot like english. School is 'ecole' and dolphin in 'dauphin'. At school we all eat together in a canteen. And you? Where to you eat and what do you eat? At school we don't wear a uniform. What do you during a day at school.

I am looking forward to your reply.




It was interesting to read his letter and learn some new french words. Also I noticed that he has four courses for his lunch, a starter, main course, cheese course and pudding!  Have a look at the photograph below of their menu. He would love to hear from some of you so, if you can, please could you email me what you would like to say to him and I will send him an email, from all of us with your bits in it, at the end of the week. I think email will be quicker than post!