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Week 8

This week we have been learning about why we celebrate Bonfire Night. We have been looking at non-fiction books & learning about King James 1, The Gunpowder Plot, Guy Fawkes & the Houses of Parliament. We have also been thinking about how we celebrate now & the things that we might wear, see, hear & do on this night. The children knew that the weather usually turns cold; we wear warm clothes such as hats; gloves & scarves; we might eat hot dogs and drink hot chocolate; we might go to watch a bonfire and fireworks, listening to the loud sounds that they make.

The children have taken part in activities such as mark making fireworks in glitter, small world play with the fire station, firefighters and vehicles, writing words the describe firework sounds, labelling pictures from the characters and events from our Bonfire Night book, painting a bonfire with fireworks, building a bonfire and having hot chocolate with marshmallows.