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Week 10

This week has been another busy weeks with lots going on in school.


On Monday Surya Arts Theatre Company came into school to perform the story of Jazz and Jagdeep for Reception and Preschool. The story takes place in London and Assam in India. Jazz thinks tea comes from shops until she is transported on a magic teabag to Assam where she meets Jagdeep and learns how hard it is to grow and harvest tea leaves. We had a fun and interactive afternoon of music, dance and drama to learn about the importance of fair trade and for all children to have an education.


We had a literacy morning on Tuesday to finish and put together our class book about mini beasts. The children have worked really hard to write their information sheets, sort it all into alphabetical order, write an index and the blurb and to make a cover for it. When I came in from playground duty the chidlren were already back at their tables getting on with their work. I was really impressed with them all! 


Wednesday was sports afternoon and the children all showed fantastic sporting behaviour. They all took part in their races, tried their best and kept going. It was lovely to see them all enjoying it. 


Our transition morning took place this morning and the children were very excited to be Year 1s. They have made their dolphins for the new registration board, drawn pictures of their families, had circle time and played with the parachute.