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This week has been such an exciting and busy week. As well as practicing our Nativity songs ready for next weeks performances, we have a new role play area which has magically turned into a 'Winter Wonderland' waiting for some exciting role play to take place with the penguins.

The children really enjoyed their maths activity this week which was positional language. They went outside on to the front playground to find out where the cheeky elf was hiding - is he behind, in front of, next to, under, on top of or in the middle?

We had a visit from a Fire Officer called Rose who talked to us about how to stay safe. She gave us lots of information, asked us questions and we really enjoyed taking part in the fun activities, especially dressing up as Firefighters.

In outdoor learning the children went up to the wildlife garden to make dens and had lots of fun working together to do this. Once completed, they crawled inside for shelter and talked to one another about their outdoor adventures. They also made outdoor Christmas decorations to hang in the trees.