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Week 2

Well what a week we have had!

At the beginning of the week we visited the East Dorset Museum where we had a great day partaking in four activities in small groups. We were learning about life in the olden days (Victorian times). We made some peg dolls - Victorian toys, lemonade - Victorian picnic drink, we experienced a school room and found that it was super boring in the olden days. Children had to pay to attend school and had to sit in silence. If they misbehaved they had to wear a Dunce hat or receive the cane - ouch! We also experienced very hard work which was Victorian washing. This was on a Monday as it was labour intensive and families often had left overs from Sunday dinner. See the photos to see us enjoying these activities.


In Maths, Year 1 have been using counters to make equal groups whilst Year 2 have been continuing their learning on fractions. This week they learned how to use objects to find a quarter or three quarters of a quantity - see the photos. 


In Literacy, the children have been working really hard by applying their punctuation knowledge and phonics and spelling knowledge to create their own versions of The Three Little Pigs - we have had three cute cuddly rabbits, three big large dinosaurs, three red giant pandas and three little gingerbread ladies; among many.


On Thursday, Beech class had a fantastic time at Forest School where they did various activities including playing with tyres, tightropes, puppets and cooking cinnamon apple fritters - which were delicious! See the photos to see the enjoyment on their faces. 


We have also been learning clay skills including attaching two pieces of clay together via slip and flattening, pinching, squashing and rolling clay. We have also experimented with scoring the clay and making marks using tools. The children are working towards making a clay house. 

Well done Beech class!