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Week 8

This week the children have continued their super learning journeys. In Science, we braved the wet weather conditions and went on a mini-beast hunt - we looked in four different micro-habitats: grass, soil, under logs and in leaf litter. It was difficult to find any creatures as we think they were protecting themselves from the adverse weather conditions. Eventually (as can be seen in the photograph) we found snails, centipedes or millipedes - it was difficult to tell, woodlice, spiders and worms. The pot that we gently collected them in had a magnifying glass for a lid which enabled us to have a close look at the creatures before releasing them back into their habitats. 

Our wormery failed, we had to dispose of it - it smelt very badly and the sand and soil mixed up so it was difficult to see any trails. On the bright side; all worms remained alive. We will try this again in the warmer months. 


In Maths, Year 2 have been measuring in mm, cm and metres - they have been building very tall robots and very short robots whilst Year 1 have been comparing the lengths of different objects. In the photo you can see Year 1 measuring their playdough snakes to see which snake was longest and which was shortest. Year 1 learned that when measuring it is important to start at the same place.


The children continue to astound me with their reading progress and are doing superbly in Phonics and with spelling rules. Thank you for your continued support at home with this - a gentle reminder to please send their yellow spelling books into school on a Friday for their test.


Beech Class finished the week by having a DT morning where they prepared, designed, tasted and made smoothies. Mrs Beale was super impressed at how the children listened to the instructions and modelled safety when using the equipment - well done children!They even had straws and umberellas and Mrs Beale played some party music - they pretended they were mocktails! See photographs for the children's enjoyment with this learning. 


Next week we are really looking forward to starting our Geography topic - with a local walk - thank you to all those adults who will be accompanying us and World Book Day on Thursday - we hope some of you can make the shared reading at 2:25pm and can not wait to see everybodys costumes.