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Week 4

Welcome back sharks to another week at school. This week has zoomed by for me but we still have a lot to catch up on.


In maths with Mrs Austin the year 3s have been writing up part- whole models for weight and the year 4s have been learning a new part in decimals, hundreths! Mrs Horne also came in and watched us learning, I think she was very impressed with us. 


With Miss Darby in maths the year 3s and 4s are still learning about equivalent fractions and looking at what we need to multiply by or divide by to get the equivalent fraction. We are beginning to move onto adding fractions.


In Reading Vipers, we have started a new book called Malala’s Magic Pencil. We made predictions about what the book would be about, read about half way through the book and we have answered questions about the book so far. In Literacy towards the beginning of the week, we have been finishing off our books about the situation of plastic pollution that we are going to share with the younger children.


We also have a very exciting bit of news to tell you, Henry’s mum brought in his lambs from their farm during our science lesson! They were a bit frightened at the start but then eventually they got used to it. The lambs weighed about eight kilograms and they were three weeks old. They haven’t got any names yet. The lambs eat pellets and drink bottled milk, and when they were being fed they looked very happy! We were also allowed to stroke them. When I stroked one, she was very soft.


Anyway we are going to wrap up the blog for this week.



By Jacob, Bear, Archie and Cameron