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Week 7

Welcome to the blog !!! 


In art this week we painted our divas in orange , yellow , pink and green. While we were waiting we made origami dog faces and when we were finished we colored their faces with felt tip pens.


Some of us brought in our homework and showed their homework about the Amazon River, The Nile, The Congo, The River Severn and even more! People made powerpoints, videos, labeled diagrams, paper boats, 3D models and lots more. All of the children really enjoyed showing their homework and looking at each others, and most of the children had loads of fun doing their projects.


As it’s the end of term we took a maths assessment about length and perimeter. 


In P.E we did tennis and we worked in partners. We also worked together as a team.


Ella Craig and Lillie Baker 


Have a great half term! :)