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Week 7

 Welcome to the blog!

On Wednesday we had a special visitor to our school. She was called Miss Lane and she came and told us stories. 


We talked about how two women or two men can be together and love each other and it is called being gay. She talked to the year 3 children about how we are all individuals and how it’s ok to be ourselves. She also explained to the year 4 children what trans gender means and we watched a funny video. 


On Thursday  half the class did forest school and the other half did science. It was really fun.We had to hide stuffed woodland animals around the outdoor area and had to find the. We also did some woodwork this week.


In maths with Miss Darby some of us did some activities on the carpet. There were fun games like making fraction walls, playing fraction dominoes and matching fraction cards and pictures. The rest did some mathletics.


By Dahlia and Ivy