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Week 4

Forest  School  


Today we had forest school in the morning.

The children made a massive den and the activities were howlers and scraping slate. We made acorn people and we made paint made of chalk to paint the den that we made. 


We built a den that could hold 15 people inside and there were  cushions, security and blankets. There were cooks in the mud kitchen too. They prepared  mac n cheese, coffee, hot chocolate and biscuits. It was all made of water, mud and sand.We built the den with rope, tarps  and wood.


We made paint out of chalk and we were allowed to paint trees, wood, stone and more! 

Here’s the recipe….. 


  1. Find a stone that has natural chalk on it. 
  2. Smash it with a hammer 
  3. Mix the chalk in a bowl with some water
  4. If you want , you can add fruit or mud to make it a different color 


We tried a little snack in Forest School today ….. We had the last of the apples from our eating  apple tree in the field .  They tasted delicious, but very sweet !! 


By Lillie and  Thomas


Have a great weekend !