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Week 10

In science this week the children spent the afternoon studying micro habitats in the wildlife area and searching for minibeasts living there. We looked in the soil, under logs and in leaf piles to find spiders, slugs, worms, beetles, earwigs and woodlice. A muddy but fun activity!


The children were able to complete their cars for their DT projects on Tuesday, putting together a simple chassis using card, sticks and milk bottle tops for wheels and then sticking a cuboid they had decorated on top. Thank you to everyone for supplying the milk bottle tops. Although simple it is an effective way for the children to see how a vehicle moves and having made one I'm hoping they can have a go at designing another, even better one at home if they want to!


In literacy and history we have been learning more about what life was like for children in the past and the children have written a question or two to ask a grandparent or older friend of the family about what toys and games they played with when they were young. If they have already done this they don't need to do it again, I know a few children have chatted to their grandparents about it already. 


We have started to rehearse for our nativity The Little Red Robin and the children know which parts they are playing. If they have words to learn, their parts have been sent home. Please help them to learn their lines, speaking in a a loud, clear voice. They have also bought home a slip asking for any clothes they need for their costume. Not all children have lines and we do have some costumes in school so if your child does not have a note about costumes don't worry - they haven't lost it!


Thank you to everyone who has had an appointment or spoken to me regarding their child. It has been great to catch up with you all. If anyone does still need to see me, do catch me in the playground or drop me an email. Thank you. 


Finally congratulations to those children awarded a head teacher certificate this week for their hard work.

Special congratulations to William and Martha for being voted by their classmates as DASP citizens for last year. Due to the schools being shut for part of the summer term, these have been somewhat delayed and the usual ceremonies have not been able to take place. However they are very well deserved and the children should be extremily proud of themselves. Well done!