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Week 11

Blog Week 11


First of all we have to say a big hello to Daniel who has won a head teacher's certifacate because he has setteld in so well!


This week we have been very busy in literacy with Mrs Austin, The Iron Man has agreed to help Hogarth and the military to defeat a dragon type creature and Sharks have made a plan for their newspaper reports for next week.


Miss Darby has sorted out our parts to be read out in the Christmas service which will go out on our website towards the end of term. Each child who wanted to join in gets to read a rhyming couplet from ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.


Maths with Mrs Austin: Year 3s have finished everything they need to do in column addition, some even went as far as adding with more than one exchange! They have also started doing take-away in column addition. That is even tougher so good luck year 3s, in a good way! Year 4s have finished all they need to do too and are moving on to column subtraction.


In art we have finished our pop art pictures in the style of Romero Britto, ready to be displayed.


This picture was painted by Romero Britto for the official 2010 world cup in South Africa!


On that note we have to say goodbye. 

See you next week bye!

By Jacob