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Week 11 - Maths

This week in maths the Cherry class have been 'Digging Deeper' into the numbers 9 &10, to enable them to work confidently & independently with numbers to 10. In their focus maths activity, they have been practising ordering numbers from 0-10, counting out the correct number of minibeasts to match the corresponding digit, automatic recall of the number bonds to ten & remembering to recount the counting objects to check their answers.

In addition to this, they have been working on independent maths activities to build their knowledge & understanding of numbers to 10 such as, number formation, Numicon 'Friends for Ten', subitising numbers to 10 & number bonds to 10 using different objects.

In the Blossom class, the children have been writing some numbers between 1 and 10 on whiteboards copying the numbers on the class board, playing the Spiders and Spouts board game together, taking turns rolling dice, counting the number of dots and learning how to move their spider counter along the board & also finding and counting the number of minibeasts they managed to find in the water play area. The mini beasts were hidden among the water beads and they enjoyed catching and counting them in the nets. 

*Cherry class reminder for next week - Trip to the Kingcombe Centre on Tuesday, 29th March. If the lovely warm weather continues, please ensure that your child has sun cream applied before coming into school & that they have sun hats, in addition to their usual outdoor learning clothing, many thanks.