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Week 7

Welcome back sharks to a new and last school half term hope you all had a good holiday we have a lot to catch up on.

On Wednesday afternoon the whole of the Sharks class went up to the top of the field and took part in Forest School for the afternoon. There were lots of activities for us to do, such as an obstacle course and a mud kitchen cafe.

In our PSHE we made a tree and we all wrote a word about what made a good friend on a green leaf. The branch was to describe more deeply about what makes a good friend and an orange leaf which we wrote a word about what would affect friendship. 

This half term in maths with Mrs Austin the year 3s are adding and subtracting litres and ml. The year 4s are still on the same topic, decimals but with money. Our topic in maths with Miss Darby this half term is statistics, so far we have covered tally charts and a little bit on pictograms. 

This morning Mrs Trevorrow visited us to help us learn a new song called ‘Sing’ which we hope to perform at Borough Gardens in July. 

I’m afraid I'm going to wrap the blog up for this week,see you next week for another blog bye!

By Jacob and Evie