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Week 8

This week we have been learning all about The Shark Lady, Eugenie Clark. She was a fascinating lady, a pioneer both as a female scientist and in her study or marine life.  The children have written non-chronological reports about her and learnt lots of fun facts about her work.


In maths we have been working on place value, learning all our numbers to 100 and finding 1 more and 1 less than a given number. The children have worked with their hundred squares and deines to help them. 


We have carried on working in clay for art and the children have had a go at making turtles from a single piece of clay. It was quite tricky but we all enjoyed the challenge and some of them even look a bit like turtles! They also painted their pots from last week, which hopefully arrived home safely. 


We are still observing our plants, seeing what they need to grow. Interestingly two plants have germinated, both the one with light and the one in the dark that have water and soil. They look very different though so we will see what happens over the next week or two. 


Have a happy weekend!