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Week 12

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On Monday, all of the Year 4 children came in with suitcases and bags ready for HOOKE COURT. We were all jumping off the walls because of how excited we were, but we did miss our family. When we got to Hooke Court we got shown to our rooms and unpacked our suitcases.


Then we got into our groups and went to build Rocket which was so much fun! After we finished we got to fly them. They went SO HIGH. While that group were building rockets, the other group were building a telegraph pole to put a rope around it to get a barrel across the moat to the sick villagers.


After dinner we went to a campfire with three other schools. We sang lots of songs and David told lots of jokes which were very funny. David did a magic trick were he found a can of coke on the floor and rubbed the bottom of the can. It reset itself and opened the can! Nothing came out, then he shut it again and shook it, opened it and coke came pouring out of it! Afterwards, we had hot chocolate.


The next day, we did some more activities in our groups. We built dens in the wooded area and also went on a scavenger hunt and painted our faces in our own tribal colours! On Tuesday night we met up with other schools to go on the night walk . We saw deer prints in the mud. They were roe deer tracks. We were also lucky enough to hear a Tawny owl calling for a mate.

It was all so much FUN!!