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Week 6

 Welcome to the blog!   




On Tuesday we did samba and we got to have a turn on all of the instruments to see what we were best at. Next term he will choose an instrument to lock us into. If we behave and listen we will get to choose what instrument we stay on. It’s called the golden choice. 




With Mrs Austin we looked at decimals in tenths on a number line. We had to do four small sheets with number lines on and had to fill in the gaps in the number line. With Mrs Darby we are still looking at time, analogue and digital.




We wrote poems about summer. It was a lot of fun because we were out on the field. We were allowed to do an acrostic poem too. On Thursday we wrote them onto a piece of paper. Some people used a laptop to write them down. 




A lot of people have finished their amazing homework based on rainforests  and they got to show it and bring it in! Everyone's homework looks really good. People made poems, powerpoints, models, posters, word searches and quite a lot more! 


By Lillie and Jack


Have an amazing half term break 🙂


                                        Here is the second group's rainforest picture!