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Week 4

This week we have been continuing our focus on 'Food and Farming'. We have been busy doing lots of pig based activities to support our topic book of the week 'The Pig in The Pond'. 

The children have enjoyed exploring the spaghetti sensory trays this week using their fine motor skills to pick up and move the spaghetti using a range of different sized tweezers as well as practicing their scissor skills by cutting the spaghetti in half. 

The children have also continued to enjoy and explore our Farm Shop in the role play area, creating new recipes and discussing the importance of healthy foods in our diets. 

Blossom class have been very busy using a range of different vegetables to paint with to create patterns and decorate their very own 'Pig in The Pond'. We also used a range of different sized paper shapes to construct some pigs. During this activity we looked at the different shapes and talked about what they are, how many sides they have and which one was the biggest and which one was the smallest. 

We've also been hunting around the school field on the lookout for lots of different coloured and shaped leaves, which we used to create some brilliant leaf sun catchers for the classroom! 

The children also enjoyed giving all our farm animals a lovely bath using toothbrushes and bubbly water to give them a well deserved wash, we talked about the importance of why the muddy animals needed a bath. 

To round up a busy week we have also continued practicing our Harvest song 'Thank You Farmer' in preparation  for our Harvest Festival.