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Week 7


Welcome to the blog!J



On Monday we practised all our spellings, it was hard. Everyone tried to finish their leaflets and some people did. Y4’s became playground leaders for the school!     


On Tuesday we finished all of our leaflets about Dorchester everyone loved it. The year 4’s had buddy reading with Cherry class whilst the year 3’s voted for their school council leaders (only two), then for the year 4 leaders.


On Wednesday we had topic in the morning and we did a little quiz. In maths we learnt about Roman numerals and made a clock (a paper one not a real one though.) We also did PSHE and PE, it was raining which meant we had to do it in the school hall.


On Thursday we had handwriting in the morning. Then we did maths learning about Roman numerals. Then we had lunch then woodland school/science


Have a good half term

By Jessica and Vinnie