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Wk 4 Baa Baa Pink Sheep

This week we chose the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep and changed a few of the words. The melodies and tunes are memorable, so words can easily be changed to achieve the same effect. 

The benefits of frequent use of songs and rhymes include:

Increased Vocabulary: Songs can introduce children to the meanings of a huge number of words and can also support the develpment of memory skills. 

Sequencing skills: Singing the same song to children on a regular basis allows them to anticipate and predict what is coming next, and build a sense of chronology. 

Support with Routines and Transitions: Familiar songs can be comforting. At any time and place songs can be applied to circumstances such as bedtime, saying goodbye and putting toys away. 

This also supports creativity in children who will sometimes be able to help with their own ideas for new words and rhymes. 

Thank you to Mr Foot, Ivy's Dad for bringing in a day old calf. The children loved the surprise visit, which also tied in with our Farmer Duck topic.