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Week beginning 1st June

Dear Sharks Class,


We hope you have settled into the first week back of the final half term! Even though it's June now, the weather seems to have gone a bit grey and drizzly! On the plus side, plants and wildlife are getting the water they need now. We hope you have all had a great week. We have had Maya, Evie, Benjamin and Mollie in school this week as key worker children, with plenty of outdoor fun and social distancing! Although we haven't heard from many of you this week, it was nice to get the emails and photos that we did. Grace and Elsa have been working hard and set up a shop to help them with their money maths work! As the only customers are their big brother and their parents, they haven't had to put in any social distancing rules yet! Sophia has been working hard as ever and making time for lots of fun too! George has made a ginormous pizza and I am starting to suspect that Sophia and George have engaged in an online tree-climbing competition!! Keep the photos and emails coming in, we do love to hear from you.


Take Care, Be Happy,

Miss Darby and Mrs Austing