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Week 7

I hope you all had a restful and happy half term. The children all seem very excited by our new topic 'Dangerous Dinosaurs' and it's been lovely to listen to them sharing everything they already know and formulating questions about what they want to find out. How do 'raptors run so fast? How many types of dinosaur are there? and Where are fossils dug up from? Over the next few weeks we will be using the internet and information books to find answers to these and many more questions. I have yet to visit Dippy at the county museum so am very excited by our upcoming school trip in a couple of weeks. Lots of our children have visited him though and are keen to do so again!


We made paper plate dinosaurs yesterday and they are looking great on our display board. 


Rosie the dinosaur has joined us in class this term so see if you can spot her in any of the photographs below. She's been very well behaved so far......!


The wildlife area and field really are muddy at the moment so please please do make sure your child has old clothes and wellies on a Thursday afternoon. While in the wildlife area we looked around for signs of Spring. There are plenty of leaf buds and bulbs coming up. Maybe you could see what you can spot in your own gardens this weekend.