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Week 8

This week we have introduced our new topic Toys and Childhood in the Past. The children have been really keen to talk about games and toys that they like as well as coming up with questions which we will

find the answers to over the next few weeks. When were plastic toys first made? How did they make toys in the past? How many years ago were marbles invented? Were old books good to read? 

Next week I would like them to bring in a toy of their own to talk and write about but please don't send in anything too valuable. 


In DT we have started sewing hand puppets. The children have chosen their colours and begun the sewing process. During art they have painted a tree of one of the seasons, these are going to go to a doctors surgery in Weymouth who have asked us to brighten up their waiting room with some children's artwork. 


Don't forget to start collecting milk bottle lids for our wheeled vehicles which we will make in  few weeks.