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Week 8

Following on from our story of the week ‘Who Swallowed Stanley’ the children made kites using a kit of resources and then added recycled material from our Recycling Centre. We went out on to the school field to fly the kites and they worked extremely well! The children really enjoyed running up and down the hill, to keep testing their kites and different ways to make them fly better.

Tim from Wessex Water visited us on Friday. We talked about the Earth being made up of lots of water but that we cannot drink this water as it contains lots of salt and can make us poorly. We learnt about the water cycle and how important the sun is and that water has been around even before the time of Dinosaurs. The children were asked what we use water for and they suggested - baths, shower, washing up, washing machines, cooking, watering flowers and toilets.

We then talked about reusing the rain water to water plants as this does not need to be clean water and then why dirty water smell so bad? Tim explained that only three things should go down the toilet: poo, pee and paper. He asked the children what you shouldn’t put down the toilet and they said - toys, medicine, plasters, wet wipes and cotton buds.
We discussed ways to save water; turning taps off when brushing teeth, shorter showers, using rain water for the flowers.