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Wessex Water

Meghan from Wessex water carried out a whole school assembly on Tuesday 28th November to talk to the children about where our water comes from and what happens to all the sewage that we make. She showed pictures and talked about the reservoirs, rivers and springs and their importance as natural habitats as well as being useful for us. Then she went through our morning routine to show how much sewage we make in short time. She created a mix in her clean water of all the shampoo, soap, washing up liquid, crumbs, toothpaste etc that might go down your sink as well as what is flushed down the toilet. One of her main messages was to remember that only pee, poo and toilet paper - the three ps can go down the toilet as everything else can get stuck and cause blockages. Even flushable wipes are not actually flushable and just clog pipework - worth remembering!


Meghan then rang a couple of workshops for Dolphin and Sharks class. They played bin it or flush it and had to decide weather items could be safely flushed down the toilet or if they should go in the bin. She then put a tissue, a flushable wetwipe and toilet paper into three separate containers of water. The children gave them a shake for 30 seconds and then we could see what had happened. The tissue and wipe were still intact and stuck to the 'pipe' but the toilet paper had disintgrated. A very visual reminder of what not to put in the toilet. 


The children all listened well and have hopefully bought the messages home.