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Week 7

The highlight of our week was a visit by Harold the giraffe and Liza from The Life Education Van. Their visit this year was carried out in the classroom and the theme of the session was Feelings. The children started the session by learning about different parts of the body, stomach, lungs, heart, brain etc. and talking about what each part does. The session then moved on to talk about feelings and while a persons face can give us a clue to how they are feeling  it is also always good to talk to them and ask.   Liza also touched on bullying and the STOP acronym. Bullying is when something happens Several Times On Purpose, and that if it happens to us we should Start Telling Other People who will help us. 


On Monday we continued our science topic on materials and the children worked in pairs to build a boat using plastic coated card, playdough, a stick and some paper. They were mostly successful although a few sank when they were carrying too much playdough! On Tuesday we were able to go up to the wildlife garden and the children tried different boats made of tin foil and sticks, again some were more successful than others. But we had fun and the children were able to explain what they needed in a material to build a boat. 


Thank you to all of you who have already returned your slips and money for our Shire Hall trip on Wednesday 11th November. 


Enjoy your half term and take care.