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The Halsewell Shipwreck 10.11.17

This week, Philip Browne, a local historian and author visited Sharks Class to tell the story of the Halsewell, an East India Company Ship which sank off the Dorset Coast just over 200 years ago.  On Wednesday Mr. Browne told the story of the ship and its unfortunate Captain, Captain Pearce, and why it sank on the rocks close to the Purbeck village of Worth Matravers.  The next day, we visited that part of the Dorset Coastline on a walk led by Mr. Browne.  Although nothing of the ship remains, we were all able to imagine what it would have been like on that cold January night for the poor sailors and passengers aboard the ship as they tried to climb the vertical cliffs to reach safety.  Following our walk, we were able to eat our lunch in the very welcoming pub the Square and Compass, where the children could also view some artefacts from the ship.