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Week 6

Welcome back to another lovely but tiring week at Winterbourne Valley First School. We have just returned from our brilliant trip to Thorncombe Woods based around our science topic: Living Things and their Habitats. We were shown around by a Thorncombe Woods Ranger called Claire. At first she showed us a few things she found around and about the woods like a bird's nest, badger's skull and a big bit of Fungus. Then she took us round a route where she showed us lots and lots of trees and plants and what animals lived there. It was very interesting. We looked at Oak trees, Sweet Chestnuts, pines and rare orchids. We learned how fungi plays an important part in the cycle of life and that when living things die, they get broken down and help to feed other plants and animals in the environment. A big thank you to Phoebe’s mum, (Mrs Westhall) who came along on the trip today to help out.


By James B. and Phoebe