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Week 8

This week we have been reading Tyrannosaurus Drip and learning the meaning of the words carnivore and herbivore. The children wrote some super definitions and gave examples of dinosaurs to go with them. 


In maths we have been learning about addition and subtraction and practising using those skills. We have also been making number bonds to 10 using numicon and tiddlywinks. 


We now have a subscription to Mathseeds which is part of the Reading Egg website. Your child can log into this using their same name and password as for reading eggs. I will be introducing it to the children at school over the next couple of  weeks but do start using it at home straight away. I will send letters home next week with reminders of your childs password. 


The children have enjoyed hunting for fossils in the sand, finding ammonites and belemnites. These came from Charmouth beach and if you  get a chance to visit the heritage centre there, it is well worth it. Check on tide times before you head off fossil hunting though. 


Sadly we haven't got to dress up today for World Book Day because of the snow. Maybe you could celebrate at home by shaing lots of stories throughout the day. Hopefully your child has bought home their book token to swap for a book and maybe we can arrange a new dressing up date. I am also hoping we can rearrange our bedtime stories and hot chocolate session, though this may have to take place during the school day. I will keep you posted. 


Meanwhile stay safe and warm in this snowy weather.