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Week 9

The children have had lots of fun this week taking part in the Children in Need activities and especially the Joe Wicks 5 minute work outs. 

This morning we joined in with the final 20 minutes of Joe Wicks's live work out, giving the children a great brain boost for the start of the day.  Thank you for all the money that has been contributed to this worth while cause. 


We have begun to talk about this years nativity today which is called The Little Red Robin.  We have read the story and the children have been told which parts they will play. As you know, we are unable to have visitors in school, so our plan is to film the nativity and make it available on the school website for you to view. This is obviously a very new venture for us and while it won't be the same as performing to a live audience, hopefully it will work well. In the next couple of weeks, we will let you know if we need any costumes to be provided. 


Don't forget to book your telephone parent teacher consultation if you would like one. However if you are happy with your child's progress or have had a quick word with me in the play ground and don't feel you need a further conversation, you don't need to book. 


Have a happy weekend.