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Week 7


Week 7    


Welcome back to another week. We have been really busy, in maths with Mrs Austin we were looking at negative numbers which we put on a grid with sea animals and we had to label them. In literacy we were even busier with our leaflets from when we went to West Bay last week.  In our assembly we were talking about thankfulness and we were thankful for the teachers and Mrs Howlett for taking us to West Bay and also to the bus driver for driving us there.

In music with Mrs Horne we did a hip hop warm up.

When Mrs Horne said I say hip, we said hop then Mrs Horne said hip and the class says hop and we had all different things to say like woof and meow it went like this 


I say hip

you say hop 

Hip hop hip hop 

I say cold 

you say hot

Cold hot cold hot

I say light

you say dark

Light dark light dark


And we had a buzz and ting.


In our RE we were are learning about the Jewish religion. We were answering questions like how special is your relationship with God? We also did art and we had to sketch these animite fossils that Miss Darby found at the beach.  We have read chapter 7, 8 and 9 of Oliver and the Seawigs and it is very exciting. We have swimming on Friday with Mrs

 Moore and we are learning how to butterfly. Now we are going to check on our birthday buddies. Carly has just had her birthday and we had an amazing chocolate cake and also James M and William W birthdays are coming up on Sunday. They are having a party on Saturday.


In science we had an experiment, we had to put soil in water and see what happens to it. 


We have started our end of term assessments on length and perimeter. We had a show and tell and Phoebe brought in a Lion King book and she told us that she got it from London in a theater where she watched the Lion King, also Lola brought in a fossilised poo from millions of years ago. We are almost ready for half term where we get half a week and a whole week too!


Hope you have a nice weekend and a very nice half term!!!  


By Sofia and James M