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Week 8

Welcome back Sharks to another week on the blog, let's get straight into the blog. In our Science this week we have had a dental hygienist come in and tell us about teeth. She told us the dangers of plaque and how it can harden and if it hardens you can't brush it off. She went on to tell us how you should brush your teeth properly on all sides for 2 minutes twice a day. As well as the pros and cons of saliva, she said it’s good when you haven’t had anything to eat which means it protects your teeth but when you’ve had something acidic to eat then the saliva starts damaging your teeth. She also told us that the enamel and the dentin protect the  pulp (A nerve.) Like one big coat.


In our literacy work with Mrs Austin we have been making our own Greek mythical creatures and then writing about it in 3rd person and in the present tense. In our maths with Miss Darby we have started a worksheet on statistics, we have also been working on bar charts. One of our tasks was to roll a dice thirty times and then present it as a tally chart and then present it as a bar chart online. 


I'm afraid this is where I’m going to wrap up the blog for this week, bye!!!