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Week 11

Welcome back sharks to the blog this week we have a lot to catch up on. 

In R.E this week we have been learning about the River Ganges and how Hindus all over the world go on pilgrimages. We wrote a postcard imagining we were in India at the River Ganges.


In our maths work with Mrs Austin we are finding the difference between amounts of money. We learnt a number line method by adding to get to your number we had to decide on each sum if we wanted to add or takeaway to find the answer.In our maths with Miss Darby we did our assessments to see how we got on learning about statistics.


In our literacy work with Mrs Austin we have done a timeline of the King Midas story, we worked as a team of two or three and then we hung them up as a display in the classroom.


I’m afraid I am going to finish the blog for this week. See you next time bye!