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Week 5

This week we have read the story 'How elephant got his trunk' . The children have done some descriptive writing about the setting of the story and created descriptions of an elephant. Our weeks learning as ended with us writing a letter home as if we were explorers and have just discovered a new species. Some of these letters will be displayed in the library over the coming weeks. 


During maths we have continued to use place value to help us with addition and next week we will move on to some subtraction. 


We managed to get outside for outdoor learning this week and the children really enjoyed exploring the wildlife area again and searching for different plants and animals.  We were comparing the structure of a donkey and swan in the class room and the children were then able to take this learning outside and compare them to snails, slugs, worms and pigeons.


The life education van visited this week and Dolphin  Class had a session all about 'My wonderful body'.


The children's african sunset pictures are now displayed in the hall and look fantastic.