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Week 10

We’re back again with another blog. We have had a very busy week. On Thursday everyone in the school had transfer day. Transfer day is when everyone moves up a year so they know what to expect for September. The year 4s really enjoyed DMS on their transfer day and are really excited for year 5. 


The year 4s are busy preparing for their leavers service and are busy preparing a book about their ambitions and hopes as well as their speeches.

In literacy with Mrs Austin we have started to learn about a new greek god called Midas. We have had an interview with Midas (Aka Archie) and asked questions about what it's like two weeks later after his wish was granted. If you don’t know his wish it’s everything he touched would turn to gold!


In maths with Miss Darby the year 3s are still learning about bar charts and the year 4s are learning a new type of graph, a line graph.


In science we looked at our experiment involving eggs. We left them for a week in orange juice, water, vinegar and coke. We were amazed that the vinegar egg enamel had completely dissolved and made it ‘bouncy’.


Also this week our caterpillars emerged from their cocoons as butterflies and we set them free on the field. 


I’m afraid I'm going to finish the blog there this week. Bye! Made by Jacob