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Week 2

This week the children have enjoyed listening to the story 'Super worm'. We have been creating our very own super worms out of green playdough by rolling it under our hands, then bending and shaping the worms to form some letters.


The children were delighted to explore the green spaghetti worms on our tuff tray and used tweezers to pick up the worms filling up little pots.


We have been working on our fine motor skills and hand eye coordination by threading beads onto pipe cleaner worms.


During our maths activity the children have been practising their scissor skills to cut different lengths of wool which they then measured against rulers. The children then worked out which piece was the longest and which was the shortest.


Our mini beast investigation station has proved popular where the children have enjoyed continuing to explore the various mini beasts. They have enjoyed using the magnifying glasses and referred to the factual flash cards to identify them.