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Week 11

This week Blossom Class have been looking into 'Our Local Area'. Alongside this the children have been learning all about road safety. 

To help our understanding of road safety the children have had fun exploring the small world people and cars, which we have used to create our own stories about how we get to school and what we might see on our journey's to school. 

The Blossom children have also been practising their pencil control skills by using whiteboard pens to trace over different street maps, following straight lines and curved lines. Alongside this the children have been using their fine motor skills to carefully place different sized buttons and beans along the lines of maps. 

We have had a range of crafty activities on offer this week including painting with cars in the tuff tray, allowing the children to freely create their very own maps and routes by painting lines and circles. The children have also enjoyed using paint brushes to create different shapes, such as circles, in our mud tuff tray. 

To help further the children's understanding of road safety, we dressed up in hi-viz jackets pretending to be different road vehicles, stopping when the red light showed and going when the green light was shown. We talked about remembering to 'Stop, Look and Listen' whenever we cross a road.