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Week 9

Welcome back to another week at Winterbourne Valley First School.


 In our new topic, smugglers we have been learning about Issac Gulliver. He was an extremely smart smuggler, he avoided being caught by soldiers for 77 years.


In maths we are learning about shapes and right angles with Miss Darby.

We have also been learning about irregular and regular shapes so now we know that if we had a pentagon but it looked like a house it would still be a pentagon but it would just be an irregular pentagon.

With Mrs Austin we have been learning  to use column addition and subtraction. The year 4s have been learning to use 3 digit numbers and the year 3s have been using 2 digit numbers.


In literacy we have been writing letters to Grace Maskew who is a character in our story called Moonfleet. We have just got to a chapter where John who is another character in our story has got trapped in a tunnel!!!!!!


In reading vipers we have performed our poem ‘In Flanders Field’ By John McCrae. Please go and watch it, it is under the ‘Children’ tab of the website under ‘Video Resource Centre’


In Science we have been looking at states of matter - solid, liquid and gas. This week we practised being a solid, a liquid and a gas particle in the playground. 


By Carly and James Boyden