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Week 11

World Maths Day is the focus for our Beech Class blog this week. World Maths day happened on Thursday, and the day was spent focusing on maths activities and ensuring the children explored the subject in practical and enjoyable ways which were both engaging and educational. 


The morning began with a maths assembly, before Beech Class had scheduled maths lessons. A range of activities were set up around the classroom. Year 1 and Year 2 have separate maths lessons on Thursdays so they have time to attend Woodland School. The Woodland School sessions were maths focused, and in class children completed activities such as making maps with co-ordinates, playing with shapes, snakes and ladders, times tables games, a popular cauldron maths game, Numicon addition challenges and working on understanding halves and quarters of amounts. 


During the afternoon, two representatives from HSBC came to give a presentation about money and coins which the children enjoyed. They then had the chance to design their own coin. 


The day ended with a scavenger hunt around the school. The children were tasked with finding hidden maths questions and answering them on their sheets before returning to class.


In all, it was a brilliant day which the children enjoyed very much. A selection of photos from the maths lessons is shown below.