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Week 5


Rugby trip report


On Thursday, half of the class did rugby at Dorchester Rugby club with our PE teacher Mrs Macswiney. Jenna was our coach and she also teaches cubs so a lot of us recognised her. In training she taught us how to throw the ball and Bailey was helping us while Jenna was with a different school. We all were so excited. Before we started we all huddled together and said “3 2 1 WINTERBOURNE!” 


The first game we played was against St Marys and we WON 3 - 1 which  was on pitch four. After that we played Cheselbourne which we sadly lost 2 - 1 on pitch one. Although we lost a few games it was still really fun for us. The next game we played was against Puddletown First School which we lost 2 to 1 on pitch four. We then played Broadmayne and we WON 4 - 1. So in the end we won 2 games and lost 2 games. We had lots and lots of fun. We were so proud of what we had done and only three of us play rugby with a club!


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