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Week beginning 22nd June

Good Morning Dolphin Class,

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend - it's been a real mix of sunshine and showers. William has sent me some photographs of caterpillars he has found in his garden. I wonder if anyone else has spotted caterpillars or cocoons in their own gardens? Keep your eyes open and hopefully Williams garden will soon be full of butterflies. 

I'm very excited about this weeks literacy work and have to say thank you to Ettie for her fabulous work last week that has inspired it. It's a chance for you to get creative whilst writing an information text and I'm really looking forward to seeing the results. 

There is a science experiment for you to do based around floating and sinking, you need to think about making sure it is a fair test and recording your results. I couldn't decide if it's best for you to do it on a raining day as you'd get wet anyway, or on a sunny day when you will dry out nice and quickly! Have fun with it though and try and test some unusual items you might have around your house. 

For DT I want you to design and make a toy fish out of fabric. This is a task to carry out over the next two or three weeks, don't rush it, but once you have completed your toy, please send me a photo.  (If you don't have any scrap felt or fabric at home, let me know and I will source some for you.)

Have fun with your learning this week and keep in touch.

Ms Braidwood