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Week 12

The run up to Christmas really has arrived. Advent begins tomorrow and our classroom is becoming very festive!


Our role play has become Santa's workshop and the children have been busy with tools making toys, wrapping them up and putting them under our Christmas trees. Nativity rehearsals are in full swing and the children are doing a great job learning all the songs, their dances and lines. Thank you for all the costumes that have come in already. If your child hasn't yet bought in their costume, please could you ensure it comes in on Monday. If you have any problems, please do speak to me.


We have been learning about money this week, the language of money and how to recognise coins to 20p. At snack time the children have had to 'buy' their snack using real money.


Today Karen Caines our school nurse came into school to give the children a 'healthy ted talk'. She spoke about the importance of washing our hands and keeping clean, doing lots of excersie and eating a healthy diet and explained about how she will be measuring them all and doing a hearing test with them next term. More information will be sent to you nearer the time. 


Lots of children have already bought their learning journeys back, please could they all be in by Monday 4th December. We do need them in school to update before Christmas. It is lovely to see what the children have been up to at home. 


Over the final two weeks of term we will be consolidating all the phonics we have already learnt and won't be learning any new sounds until next term. Please do keep sharing the phonics books with your child as it is important they continue to practise all the sounds they have already learnt. 


The writing challenge has been a HUGE success. Thank you for all your help at home. ALL the children are now able to write their name with just a small prompt for a couple. All that hard work has paid off. The children have been shooting up the light house and prizes and certificates will be given out in the final week of term. Do keep practising at home, but I have run out of space on our name wall so can't put any more up!