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Week 4

This week we painted our Anglo- Saxon replica pendants ready to hang on ribbons. We used different colour paints to show the many jewels that the Anglo-Saxons would have used. They liked to use gold and precious stones in their jewellery to show how wealthy they were. Mrs Easton and Mrs Pegram came for a visit from DMS and St Osmunds Middle School to meet the year 4 children earlier in the week. Both teachers played games with us which were really fun!  They got to know us and answered any questions we had about middle school. We had another session with the samba drums this week. It’s such good fun! We were put into groups and used various percussion instruments to create rhythms based on potato related sentences!!! Please watch the video in the video resources section of this website to hear what we got up to.


We hope you enjoy the pictures of our Anglo-Saxon pendants below. We are all super excited about next week’s trip to Thorncombe Woods and will let you know how it went.


Silver Birch Class