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Week 15 - Christmas

We have had a very busy week at school with the run up to Christmas. The children performed the nativity play, Prickly Hay, three times. Each time was better than the last - they really were amazing and I am hugely proud of them all. (Pictures are on a separate blog). 


This morning was very exciting as we received a reply to our letters to Father Christmas and he included in it the magic powder we needed to make our reindeer food to guide them to our homes on Christmas Eve. Your child will have bought home the mixture ready to sprinkle outside to lead the reindeer to the right place.  He answered lots of the questions that the children had asked and even told us about his holidays last year. (Antarctica and Kenya apparently!)


The children have also been busy making calendars and Christmas cards so look out for those on Christmas Day. 


Your children have all worked extremely hard this term and are very ready for their holidays. So have fun, relax and stay safe.


Happy Christmas to everyone!