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Week 1

Welcome back to our Beech Class blog. We hope you have all had a peaceful Easter break. 


We have begun our new topic. We are studying Knights and Castles. The children have enjoyed this topic and shown real enthusiasm in their work. Some of them have brought a book about knights and castles to discuss in class. If anyone does have something to share which is related to our topic, we will find time to discuss this as part of our learning. 


We began the week by talking about what castles really are and how they may be recognised. Castles appear to have been a theme for some children during the holidays and many of them could name some famous castles and explain a little about their features. We studied some photos of castles as we introduced the topic and we will continue to add detail as we progress through the term.


We have heard about the story of King Arthur, and the children have been retelling the story in Literacy. They also had a good go at designing their own shield and coat of arms in Art. 


In Maths, we had an extra week consolidating work on fractions. Some Year 1 photos about fractions are included in this blog.


We have planted some beans in pots for Science. They are being grown in different conditions so we can compare how they grow.


Next week we will explore Judaism in more detail as part of RE, and in Geography we are focusing on life in coastal areas. We will use some of our Computing time to enhance our research for the Knights and castles topic.


Along with our maths photos, I have added a class photo from our first day back. 


Have a lovely weekend!