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Week 13

Welcome to another week at Winterbourne Valley.


In literacy we have been doing our newspaper reports about a turnip robbery in Dorchester, we learnt about it at Shire Hall. 


In maths with Miss Austin we have been learning about how to do column subtraction in a way that makes things easier.For instance if we were trying to do 8000- 6543 we would have to take one off and make the sum 7999-6543 and that makes it a lot easier.


In maths with Miss Darby We have been learning about properties of shapes we know 3D shapes have face, vertices and edges. 


In science we have been doing states of matter and this week we have been observing over time and doing fair tests.We had two glasses full of the same amount of water. One we placed on top of the radiator and the other we placed on the side away from any heat. After a couple of days we noticed that the water on top of the radiator had evaporated much more than the glass of water on the side.


We have been practising our carols in preparation for our carol service which will be held next Thursday 16th December at Martinstown Church. 


Today we hung our Christmas decorations on the school Christmas tree.

Carly and Ettie