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Week 9

This half of term our topic is The Great Fires of London and Dorchester. We have begun by learning a bit about life in the C17th. The children have learnt about some of the different jobs people did then and discussed whether they are still done now.


As it was November 5th when we returned, we have also learnt about safety around bonfires and fireworks and about Guy Fawkes.


In maths we have been learning about measuring length and height.


The children have been doing some colour mixing in art to create a background for what will become a picture of a fire. They spent a long time carefully mixing yellow and red to see how many shades they could create.


We have had our first read through of the nativity for this year which is called Children of the World. Every child will be given their parts next week and will have their lines to bring home to learn. All children will have a part to learn and will need your help and support to do this. Thank you. 


Letters for our Shire Hall trip on Tuesday 19th November have gone out. Please return these as soon as possible. The Dolphin newletter has also been sent out.