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Dippy Trip

On Tuesday we went on a whole school trip to visit Dippy who is on tour from the London Natural History Museum. We learnt that he was dug up in 1898 and copies of his bones were sent all over the world. London received a set of bones to have their very own Diplodocus.

We took part in three activities. One was to be palaeontologists and dig for fossils in sand using magnifying glasses and brushes to look closely at what we found. There were ammonites and bivalves, belemnites and sea urchins, ferns, crystals and even a sharks tooth.

We also went to the fossil room to learn about the pliosaur and megalosaur who lived on our Jurassic coast about 200 million years ago. We had to find the skull of the pliosaur, discover what it ate (fish) and find some of its very sharp teeth. We found the megalosuars footprints and its teeth.

The third activitiy was to spend time with Dippy and learnt more about this amazing creature. It is 26m long, weights 15 tonnes and had to eat the weight of a small child in plants every hour. When it was born it was the same size as a human baby (about 5kgs) but was an adult by 10 years and could live for 70 or 80 years.

We all had a fantastic time and learnt lots!