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Mud Kitchen

We are continuing to develop our outdoor area for learning and thanks to the PTFA have recently had a new shed erected to store equipment.  We would like to create a mud kitchen for the children to use where they can explore nature and the outdoors in greater depth; sorting, experimenting, testing and inquiring as they go. All characteristics of great scientists! We are looking for items from the home that you may no longer need e.g. saucepans, colanders, utensils, sieves, whisks, buckets, baskets, washing up bowls, jelly moulds, ice cube trays, nets, trays. Ideally these need to be metal, wooden or plastic, (not glass). If you have any old rugs or blankets which the children can sit on they would be useful too.  Anything you could donate will be very gratefully received. Thank you!  Ms Braidwood